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Get to know the people behind WSolve

Rik Logtens


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Eric (Rik) Logtens builds thriving, impactful businesses like birds build their nests.
Just like the birds know exactly what twigs to select, and how to position these twigs to construct a genius architectural structure to nurture and safeguard their offspring, Eric understands that talent and resources are precious. In his view, each material, technology or methodology serves a specific function or role in time and place, and he is in business to interlink positive social, ecological and environmental impact with thriving operations. 
Among the very first to apply the principles of Cradle2Cradle and conceptualise the Circular Economy, over the past 15 years, Rik has focused on:


  • conceptualization and commercialization of sustainable materials, products and services

  • advocating and inspiring students, business professionals, and policymakers to make the right decisions instead of the less bad ones

  • building companies from zero to scale

  • developing and implementing strategies and structures for multinationals, governments and universities on sustainability and circular economic principles.

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Sann Carrière


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Sann Carrière (1983) dreams the future into being. Anticipating a world in which nature and technology merge, Sann builds inspiring, purposeful businesses. She is driven by a strong sense of what is to come and combines mindfulness with dedicated entrepreneurship to manifest. Working towards this systemic change via responsible production and consumption, she aligns her business concepts and actions with the principles of the circular economy.


Sann facilitates disruptive technology start-ups, governmental bodies, public organizations, and multinational companies to co-develop materials innovation and large-scale commercial success. Her circular business models have proven to outcompete the traditional linear approach.

Sann has been developing her views and tools on the new economy since 2009 from the Netherlands. In 2017 she moved to Singapore and has since then been working on projects in Eurasia remotely.


Dave Claessens

Commercial Support

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Dave Claessens is a driven third-year Bachelor's student in Business Administration who is passionate about sustainability. Dave is on track to receive the related certificate on his diploma upon graduation next year. He enjoys taking on challenges and is always eager to learn new things, which makes him a standout student in his program. In his free time, Dave prioritizes staying active through various sports, demonstrating his disciplined mentality and a fair approach to both his academic and personal pursuits. Dave is known for his helpfulness and critical thinking skills, currently applying these in his role as Commercial Support at WSolve.

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